Esporte This family business shares the tastes and products of Brazil in Vancouver | Dished

Esporte This family business shares the tastes and products of Brazil in Vancouver | Dished


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Even though Vancouver is a community of people from all over the world, four years ago there wasn’t a single solo Brazilian market.

Specialty items directly from Brazil would have been very expensive for people to buy, including those from Brazil who missed them the most.

Cebolita snacks, Maguary drinks, Malaguetta Pepper Sauce, and so many more products became available just four years ago with the opening of the first solo Brazilian market. Since then, people that have walked down the aisles have fallen for these Brazilian flavours and products that include teas, seasonings, meat, jams, and so much more.

Located at 3565 Kingsway, Alyssa Reis opened OBA OBA Brasil on November 1, 2017.

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As part of our Made in Vancouver series spotlighting local businesses, we talked to Alyssa Reis about running British Columbia’s first solo Brazilian market.

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“In Portuguese, the word ‘OBA OBA’ is an expression of joy and happiness and we want our customers to feel that anytime they come into our store,” Reis told Daily Hive.

Joy and happiness is exactly what people have been feeling ever since this Brazilian market opened in the centre of the lower mainland. Every business, company, and idea, needs inspiration, and this one was created out of being homesick.

“When we moved to BC 11 years ago there were no Brazilian products anywhere and we really missed Brazilians snacks and drinks,” Reis told us. “We figured we weren’t the only ones missing Brazilian food, so we decided to open a store,” she added.

If you’re wondering what you might find at a Brazilian market, that is enough of a reason to go and check it out.

“We sell a large variety of Brazilian groceries, Havaiana flips flops, beauty and care products and accessories,” said Reis, but that barely scratches the surface.

The store carries beauty care, cookies, sweets, dairy products, coffee, tea, drinks, baking products, meat, and so many more items you might only find in Brazil.

It’s well worth it to stop by to grab a quick snack you’ve never tried before, or to gather up authentic ingredients to make a classical Brazilian dish.

“Our customers, they are the reason we’re still here,” said Reis. “It’s been very hard with COVID, but we’ve been able to stick around thanks to them! We’re always asking for input on new products to bring over,” she added.

This care for customers clearly comes from a place where they know what it’s like to not be able to find these amazing products in Vancouver.

“Our goal is for our customers is to have a Brazilian experience when they shop here,” said Reis. “Whether they moved here, visited, or have never gone to Brazil.”

Looking ahead, the OBA OBA Brasil family want to keep sharing the tastes of Brazil with as many people as they can.

“We are a family owned and operated business,” said Reis. “We started off with less than 20 products and because they believed in us, we were able to expand to how we are now, over 150 products, online services, etc. If people continue to believe in us, it’ll only go up from here. Who knows, maybe a second location,” she added.


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