Esporte Highlights: Brasil 102-74 Mexico in Qualifying Semifinal 2021

Esporte Highlights: Brasil 102-74 Mexico in Qualifying Semifinal 2021

Esporte 8:33 AMa month ago

Summary of the game8:14 AMa month ago

Game over!Brazil wins 10-74 over Mexico to book ticket to Pre-Olympic final

8:10 AMa month ago

4Q 0:40Triple by the Cariocas to reach 102 points and reach three digits in the scoreboard.

8:01 AMa month ago

4Q 4:30Daniel Giron shoots three-pointers. Mexico uses long-range shooting as a strategy in the face of a difficult comeback.

7:57 AMa month ago

4Q 7:21Anderson Varejão increases the lead with two points. Brazil wins it by 29 points

7:48 AMa month ago

3Q 2:00Mexico responds to Brazil’s three-pointer immediately with a three-pointer of its own.

7:39 AMa month ago

3Q 5:30Marcelinho consigue canasta de triple

7:36 AMa month ago

3Q 8:00Vítor Benite makes the most of the gaps in the backline to bring Brazil’s tally to 59.

7:21 AMa month ago

Half Time ScoreBrasil 53-42 Mexico

7:17 AMa month ago

2Q 0:01Alex Garcia scores triple from mid-range in the last second before half-time

7:15 AMa month ago

2Q 0:50Vítor Benite responds to Mexico’s triple-double and repeats the dose

7:13 AMa month ago

2Q 1:15Paco Cruz scores another three-pointer to close the gap

7:06 AMa month ago

2Q 5:10Gustavo Ayón closes the gap to 13 points with a double. 40-27

7:01 AMa month ago

2Q 6:53Mexico finds the basket and Girón’s triple puts them back on top after almost four minutes.

6:57 AMa month ago

2Q 8:50Lucas Dias scores a three-pointer to make the biggest difference so far in the game.

6:54 AMa month ago

Score 1QBrazil 24- 18 Mexico

6:52 AMa month ago

1Q 0:30Triple for Vitor Benite

6:48 AMa month ago

1Q 1:53Foul and count for Brazil. Alex Garcia makes the triple from the line.

6:47 AMa month ago

1Q 2:15Ayon scores from the free throw line but misses the second and fails to tie at 17

6:39 AMa month ago

1Q 5:15The score is tied and there is a new game. With a triple and a double the Brazilian team ties it up.

6:38 AMa month ago

1Q 6:45Offensive rebound that favours the cariocas and they go to 5 units on the scoreboard.

6:34 AMa month ago

1Q 9:40Gustavo Ayón scores the first two points of the match and Mexico opens with an advantage on the scoreboard

6:31 AMa month ago

Mexico Starting fiveJaimes, Stoll, Cruz, Ayón 

6:30 AMa month ago

Brazil’s starting fiveHuertas, Rafa Luz, Alex, Caboclo and Hettsheimer

6:26 AMa month ago

The national anthems are sungThe teams have already made their presentations and the national anthems are now being played.

6:16 AMa month ago

The Aztec leaderGustavo Ayón is recognised as one of the most outstanding basketball players in the history of the sport in Mexico, his experience abroad has positioned him as the leader of these 12 Warriors for a couple of years now. Today, with his help, the Mexican National Team will look to take one more step towards the Pre-Olympic Games.

6:05 AMa month ago

Warm upThe Cariocas also stretch minutes before kick-off

5:56 AMa month ago

Mexico on the court5:47 AMa month ago

Arrival of the Brazilian squadron5:42 AMa month ago

Brazilian Basketball Team RosterGeorginho, Marcelino Huertas, Rafa Luz, Yago do Santos, Vítor Benite,Alex Garcia, Léo Meindl, Bruno Caboclo, Lucas Dias, Anderson Varejao,Lucas Mariano, Rafael Herrsheimeir

5:37 AMa month ago

Mexican Basketball Team RosterPaul Stoll, Orlando Méndez, Diego Willis, Francisco Cruz, José Estrada, Gabriel Girón Jr., Marco Ramos, Fabián Jaimes, Jorge Camacho, Alejandro Reyna, Daniel Amigo y Gustavo Ayón.

5:32 AMa month ago

Tune in here Brazil vs Mexico Live ScoreIn a few moments we will share with you the starting line-ups for Brazil vs Mexico live, as well as the latest news from the Spaladium Arena in Split, Croatia. Stay up to date with all the action with VAVEL’s minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.


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Historical statistics5:17 AMa month ago

Experienced strategistOn the bench of the Mexican national team, the technical direction is in the hands of an expert in the field: Omar Quintero, who assured that if they continue with the sporting level shown against Russia, the Tricolour team can aspire to the Olympic Games.

4:57 AMa month ago

On the road to the final4:52 AMa month ago

Welcome!My name is Alejandra and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL

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