Esporte Goals and Highlights: Chile 0-1 Brasil in Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup

Esporte Goals and Highlights: Chile 0-1 Brasil in Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup

Esporte 11:11 PM2 days ago

THANK YOU!Thank you for staying with us and following every moment of Chile x Brazil. The Brazilian team beat Chile 1-0 in Santiago tonight. We’re done here. You follow everything from Brazilian and world sports here on VAVEL. Thanks for your company.

11:05 PM2 days ago

CLAIM…Chilean players surround the referee and complain a lot after the final whistle. Brazilians are leaving the pitch.

11:05 PM2 days ago

BRAZIL WINS!Brazil won again in the Qualifiers, and remains undefeated and alone at the top of the tournament. 21 points from 21 games played. Chile languishes in 7th place with only six points. At the moment they are out of the classification zone for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

11:03 PM2 days ago

END GAME!The referee blows his whistle. End of the game. Brazil defeats Chile, 1-0, in the ninth round of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers.

11:02 PM2 days ago

50’/2ºTNeymar and Maripán received yellow cards.

11:02 PM2 days ago

50’/2ºTVAR in action. Maripán and Neymar are arguing on the field of play and have almost thrown punches. The match is almost over.

11:01 PM2 days ago

49’/2ºTChile is all pressure. Brazil tries to hold off the Chilean pressure in the last two minutes.

10:59 PM2 days ago

48’/2ºTThe game gets tougher at this point. Gerson receives a yellow card. Brazil stops Chile in the fouls.

10:58 PM2 days ago

WHAT’S UP, BRAVO?!The Chile goalkeeper made a mistake, he left the goal to try to catch the ball and lost the ball to Neymar, the Brazilian number 10 couldn’t finish the play. It would have been Brazil’s second goal.

10:57 PM2 days ago

+6’We will have six minutes of extra time in this second half, that is, we will go until the 51st minute.

10:56 PM2 days ago

44’/2ºTGame is still stopped. Judge has already analyzed the play and so has VAR. Judge did not give anything. Three minutes of stoppage time, which should go into overtime.

10:53 PM2 days ago

THEY ASKED FOR A PENALTY!Chile players surround the referee asking for a penalty. Vidal is down in the box.

10:52 PM2 days ago

40’/2ºTIn the free-kick, the ball hits everyone and goes to Vargas, who, with no angle, tries to touch it, slips and falls to the ground. Ball for Brazil.

10:50 PM2 days ago

38’/2ºTPalacios takes off down the right, tries to invade the area, but is stopped by Marquinhos with a foul. The Brazilian defender receives a card.

10:48 PM2 days ago

36’/2ºTYellow card for Pulgar, for a foul from behind on Neymar. Morales had just received one as well, for a foul on Alex Sandro. Chile started pounding.

10:46 PM2 days ago

34’/2ºTBrazil manages to keep possession in the attack, but does not have as much agility to attack, it seems to take advantage of the time.

10:41 PM2 days ago

30’/2ºTBrazil will change again. Striker Matheus Cunha will enter. Who comes out has not yet been revealed.

10:40 PM2 days ago

28’/2ºTAránguiz takes a long shot, the ball is deflected, but Weverton was attentive and keeps the ball.

10:38 PM2 days ago

25’/2ºTPaquetá makes a good table and shoots for the goal, but has a deviation and is a corner.

10:36 PM2 days ago

25’/2ºTVargas receives in the area, tries to finish, but is blocked. The ball is easily saved by Weverton.

10:34 PM2 days ago

22’/2ºTBrazil was not doing so well in the match, but the changes at halftime gave the team another face. Everton Ribeiro did all the play and even managed to score the goal that opened the score. Brazil 1:0 Chile.

10:30 PM2 days ago

Neymar arrives at the attack, receives inside the area and tries to take it away from the goalkeeper, the ball over to Everton Ribeiro, who pushes into the back of the net. Brazil in front!

10:28 PM2 days ago

16’/2ºTBrasil se sente mais confortável neste momento na partida, mas não consegue oferecer tanto perigo ao Chile. Precisa ser mais incisivo.

10:26 PM2 days ago

14’/2ºTPaquetá pressiona e tenta desarmar Vidal no meio de campo, mas comete a falta.

10:23 PM2 days ago

10’/2ºTBrazil manages to get on the attack. Gabigol receives from Neymar in the area and opens on the right with Alex Sandro. He crosses into the box, but no one understands.

10:21 PM2 days ago

08’/2ºTNeymar tables with Everton Ribeiro, tries to open with Gabigol, but plays too hard. The ball is with Chile.

10:17 PM2 days ago

05’/2ºTCasemiro opens for Paquetá, who shoots from outside the area, but throws it away.

10:16 PM2 days ago

ALEX SANDRO SAVES:Vidal receives on the edge of the area and gets a masterful pass inside the area. Aránguiz receives and in time to finish is stopped by Alex Sandro, who saved the Brazilian team from conceding the first goal.

10:14 PM2 days ago

01’/2ºTBrazil with the changes populates more the midfield and gives up a man in the attack. The team should have more scoring power and playmaking. To watch.

10:11 PM2 days ago

RESTARTS THE GAME!The ball rolling for the second half! All equal in Chile: 0-0.

10:10 PM2 days ago

RETURNING!Players are back on the field of play. The ball will soon start to roll for the second half of Chile vs.

9:53 PM2 days ago

HALF-TIMEEnd of the first half. Brazil and Chile fail to open the scoring and go to halftime without a goal.

9:51 PM2 days ago

+2We will go until the 47th minute in this first half.

9:50 PM2 days ago

44’Chile maintains possession in the attack. We are in the injury time.

9:47 PM2 days ago

41’Brazil manages to set up a counterattack in the 4 on 3, Casemiro receives, shoots, but Bravo keeps the ball.

9:47 PM2 days ago

40’Brazil seems to be holding the score until the break. Chile was much better in this first half and deserved to win in the first half.

9:45 PM2 days ago

38’Vidal receives in the middle of the field, dribbles a Brazilian player and shoots from afar. Weverton appears well to save.

9:42 PM2 days ago

36’Vini Junior manages to set up the Brazilian counter-attack at speed, but leaves with the ball and everything.

9:41 PM2 days ago

34’Chile attacks, but commits a foul. Brazil with the ball.

9:39 PM2 days ago

GOOOOOL, BUT IT WASN’T WORTH IT!Chile managed to attack, Weverton was offside and Morales put the ball in the goal, but he is caught offside and the goal is disallowed.

9:36 PM2 days ago

WEVERTOOOOON!!!Vidal’s free-kick was dangerous and the Brazilian goalkeeper saved. Vargas shoots from close range and the goalkeeper saves again. The ball comes back to Chile, who crosses in the area and Weverton touches it. Play stopped, as the goalkeeper felt it.

9:34 PM2 days ago

28’Militão tries to head and clear the ball, falls to the ground and the referee gives a foul to Chile. In front of the goal, dangerous ball.

9:32 PM2 days ago

NOT LIKE THAT, NEYMAR!Gabigol steals the ball and sets up a counterattack against four Chile players, he rolls the ball to Neymar, who alone finishes from outside the area and shoots too far from the goal. He took the ball badly.

9:31 PM2 days ago

26’Chile gets to the right, Isla gets a cross and gets a corner.

9:30 PM2 days ago

25’Neymar receives on the left, tables with Paquetá and finishes next to Claudio Bravo’s goal. Not much danger.

9:29 PM2 days ago

23’Brazil has a free-kick on the left side of the penalty area.

9:27 PM2 days ago

IN OTHER MATCH:Peru opens the score against Uruguay: 1-0. Goal by Tapia.

9:26 PM2 days ago

STOP GAMEChile’s midfielder Aránguiz needs assistance.

9:25 PM2 days ago

19’Vargas tries a long shot and the ball goes over Weverton’s goal.

9:24 PM2 days ago

17’Danilo charges from the side, Bruno Guimarães gives it back badly, and the ball goes out. Next, the number 8 shirt fouls Aranguíz.

9:21 PM2 days ago

15’Brazil has a slow transition. They manage to steal the ball, but do not attack strongly. Chile has a better first half.

9:19 PM2 days ago

13’Chile has a bit more possession at this point, gets in the box more often and looks for the attack.

9:16 PM2 days ago

10’Chile exchanges passes in the attack field. The Brazilian team closes in. Chile takes a corner.

9:14 PM2 days ago

08’Paquetá rises from a corner and heads the ball away. Goal shot for Chile.

9:13 PM2 days ago

07’Brazil manages to make a good move and get to the attack. Bruno Guimarães receives in the area, dribbles and tries to take it away from the goalkeeper, but gets a corner.

9:12 PM2 days ago

06’Chile manages to get on the attack, the ball goes to Vidal, but the Chilean number 8 is caught offside.

9:10 PM2 days ago

04’Brazil manages to recover the ball in the backfield and plays beautifully. Exchanging passes. The team looks for space in the attack.

9:08 PM2 days ago

02’The game stays in the middle of the field. Teams exchange passes, lose the ball, but do not advance much in the attack. Brazil tries to score by pressure.

9:06 PM2 days ago

00’Brazil arrives on the right, Gabigol takes off and rolls into the middle of the area, but the Chilean defense cuts it off for a corner.

9:05 PM2 days ago

BLOWS THE REFEREE’S WHISTLE.The first half begins. The ball is rolling for Chile x Brazil.

9:03 PM2 days ago

CHILE:Chile’s players sing the anthem a cappella after the national anthem is stopped. The fans sing and cheer loudly. What an image!

8:59 PM2 days ago

NATIONAL ANTHEM!At this moment the Brazilian and the Chilean national anthem is being sung. Teams are lined up on the field. The ball is about to roll.

8:55 PM2 days ago

ON THE FIELD!Chile’s athletes are already on the field of play. Brazilians and referees also begin to enter the pitch. The ball rolls in a little under five minutes. Stay tuned!

8:54 PM2 days ago

ARGENTINA GOAL!Lautaro Martínez opens the scoring for the brothers against Venezuela. Argentina 1×0.

8:46 PM2 days ago

NEYMARNeymar is one goal away from becoming the top scorer for the Seleção in the Qualifiers. With 11 goals, he is tied at the top of the ranking with Zico and Romário.

8:43 PM2 days ago

EYE ON THE FOOTBALLReferee: Diego Haro, Peru

Assistant referees: Jonny Bossio and Jesus Sanchez, from Peru

Fourth official: Augusto Menendez, Peru

VAR: Victor H. Carrillo, Peru


8:40 PM2 days ago

DID YOU SEE THAT?The striker Robbie Robinson left Chile’s concentration less than 24 hours before the game against Brazil. The player, born in the United States, declared that he needs more time to decide which senior national team he will play for in his career.

8:28 PM2 days ago

WARM-UP!The players are already at the Estadio Monumental David Arellano, in Santiago, warming up for the match later today. The ball is rolling in a little over 30 minutes for Chile and Brazil in the 2022 World Cup Qualifier.

8:23 PM2 days ago

ASKED FOR IT BACK!Zenit, from Russia, asked for the return of two players called by the Brazilian National Team: Malcom and Claudinho. Brazil returned the athletes, but asked FIFA to punish the Russian club.

8:11 PM2 days ago

Where and how to watch the Chile vs. Brazil match on TV and in real time?8:06 PM2 days ago

When is the Chile vs Brazil match and how to watch it LIVE and in real time?The game will start at 9 pm ET, being played at the Monumental in Santiago and will pass live on SporTV, pay-TV and Globo. You can check everything here on VAVEL Brazil.

8:01 PM2 days ago

PROBABLE BRAZIL:Weverton; Danilo (Daniel Alves), Éder Militão, Marquinhos e Alex Sandro; Casemiro, Bruno Guimarães e Lucas Paquetá; Neymar, Matheus Cunha (Hulk) e Gabigol. 

7:56 PM2 days ago

PROBABLE CHILE:Claudio Bravo; Paulo Diaz, Gary Medel e Guillermo Maripán; Mauricio Isla, Charles Aránguiz, Erick Pulgar, Eugenio Mena e Arturo Vidal; Eduardo Vargas e Iván Morales (Jean Meneses).

7:51 PM2 days ago

THE CAPTAIN!Despite the mystery of coach Tite, one thing is certain: the captain of the Brazilian team will be midfielder Casemiro. The player is the coach’s most trusted man and will take the armband to try to ensure another victory for Brazil.

7:46 PM2 days ago

RETROSPECT:In the history of the match, there were 72 matches between Brazil and Chile, with 50 wins for Brazil, 14 draws and only eight losses. In addition, the Brazilian team has scored 164 goals and conceded only 61.

7:41 PM2 days ago

NEW FACES:With the Premier League clubs vetoing players called up for the South American national teams, Brazil had many players missing and had to call up other names to replace them. Among the new names are Hulk, Everson, and Edenílson, who play in Brazilian soccer.

7:36 PM2 days ago

THE RANKING:The Brazilian National Team leads the qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. The Brazilian team has won all six matches, with 18 points, and is the sole leader, ahead of Argentina with 12 points. Chile, on the other hand, is seventh, with only six points.

7:31 PM2 days ago

TIME AND PLACEThe match between Chile and Brazil is valid for the ninth round of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. The match will take place at 9 pm (Brasília), at the Monumental in Santiago, Chile.

7:26 PM2 days ago

WELCOME FANS!Hello, soccer lovers! Now it is time for Brazil on the field. Chile and Brazil duel in the Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. Follow everything about the duel between the Brazilians and the Germans here, in real time on VAVEL Brazil.

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