Esporte Brasil’s Piaui to create solar power atlas

Esporte Brasil’s Piaui to create solar power atlas

Solar farm in Brazil. Author: Otávio Nogueira. License: Creative Commons, Attribution 2.0 Generic.

July 14 (Renewables Now) – Brazil’s Piaui state announced it will develop an atlas of the state’s solar irradiation in partnership with research foundation Fadex.

In addition to mapping areas, the new atlas will provide essential technical data for the feasibility of photovoltaic (PV) and thermal solar generation projects.

The creation of the document should take 12 months. The atlas will consist not only of a physical document but also a digital programme for viewing maps in a geographic information system (GIS), a solarimetric and meteorological database, and training courses.

With the atlas in hand, the Piaui government will make the technical information accessible to interested parties in order to attract solar investments.

On the same day, governor Wellington Dias said the state will look into granting tax exemption for renewable energy companies.

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